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Rediscovering the game

Jonsey, Guido and I got together today for a quick reacquainting with the rules.  Jonsey had never played them and Guido had, but not for some time.  So after being distracted by Jake and his little mate with a quick game of ‘Dawn of War’, we got down to a game.

Two sides, squads of ten, Germans v’s French.  At first we stumbled through them, relearning the mechanics of the game, but after a couple turns we got into the swing of them.  The biggest challenge seemed to centre around record keeping,  what each squad member was doing at any part of the turn sequence.  A couple times Joney’s French took shots when they should not have been eligible to do so, but we’ll put that down to a learning curve.  

Suggestions to help keep record included templates, markers or cards where each action per turn could be noted (Team Sheets).  The French ended up losing this first battle, but much was learnt about the game system.  

For me, the biggest lesson was in the setting out of the rules.  Were they easy enough to follow?  Can I find the relevant rule quick enough?  Is there a need for quick reference cards?  Another thing that is lacking in the ruleset that I currently have, is sufficient Army Lists.  I have since emailed Nick and asked if he has anymore rules or revisions or both that he can forward to me electronically, to save me trying to figure something out myself.

All-in-all, I had a good time and am happy with the progression so far.  I know there is still a lot of thinking and work to do, but I am enjoying it!

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