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Photos, illustrations and imagery

The biggest challenge to putting together a visually appealing rules that is emerging, is getting access to images and rights to use them.  Most existing WW2 photos are the property of someone and you need to pay vast sums of money for the right to use them in any publication.  That’s why most rules use photos of their miniatures on the tabletop or illustrations.  

I can draw, but the time it would take me to draw enough illustrations to populate the rules would take way too long.  Nick suggested I try the USA national archives, but upon reading the copyright fine print, there is a little clause there which states that you still must seek out the copyright owner to use the image on anything not listed on the list of approved use.

One possibility I have yet to investigate is Reenactment groups.  I have found some photos on websites from these groups, but have yet to make any approaches.  This could be a great alternative, as some of the photos are excellent and provide a different look and feel for the rules.

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