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Playtest 23.01.09

Hello all, sorry about the slow posts but not much happening at the moment.  The boys gathered this evening for pizza and a game, it was great because a complete novice to tabletop wargaming came and had a go with us.  

4 x 4 table with limited terrain was used, Pete set up the board to replicate something he’d seen in the Warhammer Great War rules.  We used a squad of WW1 Australians to do battle with a squad of WW1 Germans, just so we could blood the miniatures we had painted and left sitting on our shelves for so long.  Admittedly it is easy to transfer the rule dynamics to most firearm periods and WW1 has basically the same weapons types.

The game pitted two Australian squads against one German.  The objective for the Australians was to cross the board and exit on the German edge.  The German’s were tasked with holding a fence line for as long as possible.  Initially I had expected the game to last for 7 turns, but we were to learn about that.  Becca’s and Chris took a squad of Aussies each and Guido took the Germans, Claude just hung around to give advice when required (much to Guido’s annoyance).  The game played up to 13 turns with the Germans holding out and breaking one Australian squad in the process.  

Lessons learnt:  

  • Need to record all players actions and results for each turn.
  • Need to somehow make this visible on the playing board.
  • Extended wound table gets difficult to maintain unless detail results are taken, but if we had a good recording device it may have worked.
  • Game is played best with just a squad per side, but this might change if we have proper records and know the rules better.
  • The HMG and GPMG are basically the same thing in the system and should just go under one name.
  • Grenades are fun!
  • Gotta keep track of turns.  Perhaps there is a need for another turn measuring template or something.
  • Rules layout is extremely important.

I question the LMG burst method and may return to trying the original template method.  

We’re getting a hang of the rules now and changes or modifications are being identified.  Need to keep playing them on a regular basis and print out and new draft version for everyone to have a look at and use in a game.

I am really enjoying trying to develop these rules and really appreciate the input of the boys during the games.

Back to the rules!

Check out Becca’s view of the game at the following link:


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  1. Beccas
    January 25, 2009 at 16:38

    I forgot about the grenades. They were easy to use and very effective. Another good feature is hand to hand combat. Hand to hand is a simple dice roll off with a modifier added depending upon what that figure did to get into contact. It worked well and fast.

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