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Beccas recently scored a Rambo miniature and asked me to paint it for him, I said OK so I thought I could do a little painting progress on my blog.  I am pretty busy at the moment so I can’t promise how long this is going to take me, but just thought I’d share my thoughts as I go.

This is the miniature undercoated with a very thin black wash of about 50/50 black paint and water.  I have tried to undercoat miniatures with white, but I find that painting the shadows really take a long time.  If painting was all that I did, then I might do it for every miniature I paint.  However, I do find that black undercoating helps give the miniature a strong contrast range.

This is a cool mini, lots of flesh (obviously, he’s Rambo!).  Becca’s reckons the figure is wearing black fatigues and has a red headband, so there is not much colour to contrast with, so I think the focus is going to be the flesh colour.



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  1. Beccas
    January 27, 2009 at 19:34

    Yeah, get painting. Rambo rocks.

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