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More Rambo


Sorry for the delayed telecast… I actually painted more late last night, but it got too late to post… well I got tired.

A couple more coats of flesh.  First a 50/50 mix of GW Dwarf Flesh and Tallarn Flesh was painted onto the miniature.  This time I attempted to give a little more colour to the recesses where it was still looking a little black from the undercoat. After that, I very watered down GW Dwarf Flesh was painted on.  Whilst this was drying I painted the headband GW Scab Red and painted another layer of black onto Rambo’s hair.

Next I applied a tiny amount of white to the eyeballs and the upper teeth.  I’m not too worried about maintaining the correct eye shape here, because there is still a lot of shading to go.  After the white had dried I applied a dot of black for the pupils.  It’s definitely looking more like Sylvester now!  I applied one more coat of Dwarf Flesh before I called it quits for the evening.  This was a little thicker, with focus towards the upper and more prominent features of the body.

More soon…

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