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Fallschirmjager assault



Just came back from a very enjoyable play test of Landser.  I printed out a version of the rules I have reformated and redesigned, also a squad summary sheet.  I really am trying to make the flow of the rules the best for ease of use.  

I really wanted to test how the Heavy Machine Gun HMG worked and also revert to the original template firing method instead of the burst dice.  So Guido and I set up a 6 x 4 tabletop designed around a prepared fire position for a HMG.  We set up length ways with the HMG at one end.  There was a very open and flat killing ground left in the centre with forrest, fields and other terrain on the edges.  To negate these we put lengths barbed wire at the edges to funnel any flank moves back into the centre and eventually into open ground.

Chris took one Vickers HMG with a loader and supported by a spotter defended against one squad of Fallschirmjager.

The attack began with Guido’s Fallschirmjager splitting into three groups with their Light Machine Gun LMG holding the centre as two groups advanced on either flank.  We immediately found the squad summary sheets very useful.  I really like the rules for spotting in this game as it cuts out the God view and you have to be able to ‘Observe’ a target before you can shoot it and when you are doing some actions, like running, you can’t see anyone until you stop and look again.  This tries to mirror the confusion of the battlefield without being too bogged down.

Anyway, once the Vickers opened up and every German on the field knew they were there, it began drawing a large amount of fire.  Unfortunately for the German troops the prepared position made it very difficult to engage the HMG at range.  They had to get closer!  A number of very brave Fallschirmjager attempted to advance across open ground, only to be sent forced to ground.   It seemed that a number of the attacking Germans were out to win and ‘Iron Cross’.  On closer examination, it would seem that had they coordinated the attacks from both flanks and attacked in force, the outcome may have been forced quicker.

The English HMG gunner took a glancing hit mid way through the battle, only the recover and quickly re-enter the fight.    Bad, Unluck or shocking dice from Chris only gave out  3 light wounds to the Germans, even though the template firing rules were working really well.  He did manage to stall the Germans for 13 turns before the German LMG finally struck home and put the gunner out of action.

The English spotter briefly thought about taking over, but his moral failed in the face of the German advance on both flanks.

The game took about 2 hours to completed and there was a definite outcome.  Using the quick play wound rules, made for a much faster game and now that we understand the mechanics things seem to flow faster.

In summary, the squad sheets worked well, the machine gun template rules seem better than the burst dice format, even though it is easy to hit using the template it isn’t easy to put a figure out of action, especially if you have to divide your fire.  Scenarios battles seem to work best, rather than meeting engagements.

Our next game will test another key weapon, perhaps Mortars.  I’d also really like to try a Normandy landing scenario and Pete is looking to make a concrete bunker terrain piece.  Really going to have to think about the numbers of attackers and defenders, but it will be a lot of fun.


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