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My first plastic Celt

My first plastic Celt

My wife recently bought me a box of Warlord miniatures Celt warriors.  I haven’t purchased any of the new look plastics before so it was good to finally get my hands on some.  First impressions were that the scale is not 28mm, but closer to 25mm.  The figures are more anatomically correct than metal miniatures, so then you have a scale issue when using different brands.

Ignoring all the negatives, I tried making up one and painting him very quickly.  The result it the picture above.  I have to say that the plastics are good for an army such as the Celts because of the numbers in Warbands.  There is sufficient detail in the miniature to get a good result once painted and in large numbers they will look good on the table.

I have since made up enough figures for two ranks of six (12 -in-all), to see what they will look like as a body of warriors.  There is one combination of legs and torso that makes a warrior in a crouching type pose that is difficult to make fit into a formation, but I’m trying a few positions on the base for that particular figure and it works ok, but generally they work together pretty well – now to paint them 😦

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Hey Beccas, I haven’t forgotten Rambo and hope to finish him today or tomorrow…will let you know.

  1. Beccas
    April 12, 2009 at 20:34

    Opps. I left a comment under the wrong picture. Now, this plastic figure looks really good.

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