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It is a bloody long flight from Perth to the UK.  I haven’t done it for about two years and now I know why you only do it about every two year, max.  Add a baby to the equation and it seems even longer, because you can’t get any sleep!

Anyway, we’re here now and struggling to get over the ‘jetlag’.  My little girl doesn’t know if it is night or day and we’re all feeling a little frazzled.

On the positive side, I have discovered there is an oganisation called the Battlefield Trust over here and they have listed the battlefields in the UK.  A Saxon/Viking battlefield called Maldon is on the way to my brother-in-laws place, so I am planning a trip up there.

Also trying to find any wargames shops, other than Games Workshop, so if anyone knows of any shops in the Surrey area, please leave a comment.  Looking forward to going to Wargames Foundry!

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  1. September 8, 2009 at 18:51

    Wargames shops in the South of England are as rare as hens’ teeth! I live in Surrey and the only one I know of is The Gamers Guild in Reigate. http://www.thegamersguild.co.uk/

    I haven’t been there for a bit but it does stock some historical 28mm figures but largely WW2 or Back of Beyond stuff.

    There is a new wargames shop opened in Brighton http://www.wargamesheaven.co.uk/ if you get down to Sussex but I haven’t been there yet.

    Shame you can’t make Colours!

    I did London to Perth for the Americas Cup back in 1987. it was so bad I have never been back to Australia since!

    • scullmeister
      September 9, 2009 at 05:11

      Thanks Legatus Hedlius,

      I know of The Gamers Guild, I went there on my last trip a couple years back. I will check it out again, it’s probably changed since then. We are intending to go to Brighton, so thanks for the heads-up on that shop.

      Yes, I am disappointed to be missing colours, but the family has organised a big celebration for that weekend with family coming from all over the place, so it’d be poor form to try and get to Colours also. Oh well, maybe on the next trip. I am a glutton for punishment, this is my third trip to the UK since about 2003! My wife’s parents live in Redhill, Surrey, so we have to travel back often. I can’t seem to correspond trips with big wargames conventions yet.

      Thanks again!

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