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I scored a book titled British Battlefields, in a charity shop in Reigate a couple of days ago.   The book summaries battles from the Dark Ages until Culloden, it has diagrams showing deployment of forces and photos of re-enactors portraying the battle.  For someone who knows very little about battles fought in the UK, it is a great resource.  The biggest disappointment is that no battlefields from the Roman invasions have been identified.  Anyway, looks like I will be going to Sutton Hoo on Friday and Maldon next week.  Also heading to Bodium Castle tomorrow, which is a good example of a 14th Century castle.


The Battlefield Trust also have a great website with plenty of maps and details of battlefields and I recommend it.


  1. September 17, 2009 at 21:48

    Hey Sculls, good to see you & the family made it safe and sound. I forgot you can update this while your away, ahh the marvels of modern technology.
    Did you speak with Arnie re places to visit whilst touring the land of the Poms. Pity I couldnt go with you, maybe next time I’ll tag along and bring the mrs. We can sent the girls off while we tour the battlefields. great place isnt it? I havent been since 88′ You will have to show me how to sell my unwanted figures to fund the trip……..well at least the beer for the trip.

    Shame you cant make the wargame …..convention? I finished my Saxon unit, just have to base it.

    Keep updating and whack in a couple of pictures and I expect you to come back with at least 2 wargame armies………..probably just as well you cant make Colours.

    I’ll catch you later.
    cheers, Guido.

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