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I found motivation!

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Caeserean Centurion

Here is the Centurion I start last week when I couldn’t find the motivation to paint anything.  Thanks to everyone who gave me some tips about getting motivated to paint again, your advice was very useful.

The biggest motivator for me was the enjoyment of painting.  That’s what I paint for and sometimes having to mass paint, to produce an army, gets in the way of the enjoyment for me.  So I will keep looking through the miniatures I have and paint the ones I really want to paint first and enjoy the painting process.

@ Beccas, I agree that if I was gaming more, I would probably be painting more, but that’s not happening at the moment so I’ll just enjoy painting.


Caesarean Centurion (work-in-progress)

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Caesarean Centurion, work-in-progress

OK, I’ve cleared up my workspace and found a miniature I’ve been wanting to paint for ages and there is no other reason to paint it, but to just enjoy painting.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Another long flight

October 2, 2009 3 comments

I am leaving the UK tomorrow evening and heading back to sunny Western Australia, after lovely months holiday.  Although we leave tomorrow, we actually get home in the early hours of Sunday morning!  What makes it even worse is that I have to be back at work on Monday morning…(Who planned that?).

Anyway, I have pockets full of little men, a couple excellent books and a huge amount of clothes for my 7 month old daughter, courtesy of her mother’s shopping habits.   I’m happy that I reached the Maldon battlefield, Bovington Tank Museum, Bodiam castle and Oystermouth Castle.  Next time, with a little better planning and research I will get to more places of military historical note and make sure that I am in the UK to attend some Wargames events and hopefully meet a number of you great people, who read my blog.

I really want to get back to some painting and gaming when I get home, but there are photos to upload, articles to write and movies to make.  Rest assured, I will make time to paint and you will see the results very soon.

By-the-way Guido, I did manage to make a purchase for you, but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is.

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Pockets full of ‘little men’.

September 4, 2009 1 comment

I am flying out to the UK tonight so blog posts will be a little intermittent, depending on how busy it gets.  As I mentioned, I will be going to the Wargames Foundry, Autumn open day on September 25.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to Colours at Newbury, which is damn disappointing!

However, hopefully I will get to a few historical sights and get a few photos to post on my return.  I know I will be visiting as many wargames shops as I can find and should return with pockets full of ‘little men’.

Battle Report – Pict v’s Vikings

August 24, 2009 1 comment

I went to Guido’s place Friday night for a small game of WHAB.  He prepared two Army lists for a 500 point-per-side game, of Picts v’s Vikings.  We played on a 4 x 4 table, it was basically a meeting engagement and we rolled for the game duration of six turns.  We rolled again to decide who would command which army and I rolled Viking!

When I saw the size of my force and the number of Picts arrayed out on the opposite table edge facing me, I was not sure that it was the best roll to win.  My Hersir commanded a small Viking raiding party of 20 Hirdmen, 6 Bondi archers and a dozen Thralls.

Facing us from across the battlefield were 69 Picts, including seven Cavalry!  Arrayed in four units, the main unit consisted of 41 Soer-Chele lead by a Mormaor, 10 Doer-Chele bowman, 10 Doer-Chele crossbow and seven Eachraidh (horseman).  I must admit, I was a little anxious, but rather than stand back, I advanced as fast as I could towards the Pict lines.

In the ensuing battle, my Thralls managed to defeat the Eachraidh in combat and chase them from the battlefield, clearing the left flank.  The Hirdman advanced under missile fire through the centre in a rush to get stuck into the Soer-Chele and my Bondi archers forgot about their bows, attacking and defeating the Doer-Chele bowman on my right flank.

The Thralls then turned their attention upon the Doer-Chele crossbow and inflicted casualties with fine javelin throws.  The centre became a clash of iron and wood, which initially resulted in a drawn combat, between my Hirdman and the Soer-Chele.  Because we were outnumbered, the Soer-Chele began lapping around the sides of the unit, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The Hirdman called on their Norse Gods and defeated the Soer-Chele in combat, sending them into retreat, but at first they could not catch the retreating Picts.  Regaining their breath and aided, by a ‘snake-eyes’ from Guido, the Hirdman caught up with the retreating Soer-Chele and slaughtered the unit.

The defining moment. 'Snake-eyes' leads to the slaughter of the Picts.

The defining moment. 'Snake-eyes' leads to the slaughter of the Picts.

The Vikings won the day, suffering less than a dozen casualties and smashing the Picts in return.

Open Day

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

I found out that Wargames Foundry are having an open day on September 25.  Guess what?  I’ll be in the UK and guess where I’ll be!


Hmmm… wallet might not like it very much.

Army Painter

August 9, 2009 4 comments

Usually, the challenge for wargamers is getting painted miniatures onto the tabletop and recently a very good product was released, which will definitely solve that problem.  Army Painter, is a product released by Warlord  Games, which enables you to paint the basic colours onto a miniature and then,  using Army Painter, you can add tone and depth to your painting in a fast and simple method.

I was a skeptic at first and also a purist, but not wanting to be precious or having any pre-conceived notions about how anyone puts an army on the tabletop, I was willing to take a look.  Guido did a few tests on his Pict Army, which I thought gave very good results.  I gave it a go on my Normans (see previous post), with mixed results.

The beauty of Army Painter and where it really comes into it’s own, is in the painting of Barbarian Armies.  Usually the number of miniatures required to be painted, is daunting to say the least, but if used strategically, I believe Army Painter will give a good result and allow the gamer, who doesn’t want to be a competition painter, to get his/her army onto the tabletop a lot faster, so that they can spend more time enjoy playing!  So for those people with families, small children or demanding spouses, it is a ‘Godsend’.

I am going to try to experiment with some techniques and see what results I get, on a Unit of late Saxons, which I intend to use as Duguth in my later Saxon Army.

Here are my first four, miniatures are Renegade.  NB:  they all haven’t had weapons attached and are obviously not based.

Renegade Miniatures, Saxons painted using Army Painter

Renegade Miniatures, Saxons painted using Army Painter

Let me know what you think and what are your views on Army Painter?