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Here you go Beccas

October 16, 2009 4 comments
Size comparision of Saxons from various manufacturers

Size comparision of Saxons from various manufacturers

Beccas wanted a comparison if West Wind miniatures with Gripping Beast, so I grabbed whatever miniatures I had and took a photo.  What you see are four miniatures from different manufactures of 28mm Dark Age miniatures.  I am building up a Saxon army which can be used as an early and later Saxon army.  The first (L-R) is a West Wind miniature.  These minis come with different head combinations, I really like the poses and variations.  Next to it is a Gripping Beast, Late Roman which I will be using as a Saxon, basically because early Saxons used much Roman military equipment that they either bought, were supplied with or stripped from the dead after battle. The next is an Early Saxon from Musketeer Miniatures. Lovely miniatures, but the big beards and hair give them a little fantasy edge, still I think they are great.  Finally is a Renegade Miniatures, Late Saxon, the bulkiest of the selection displayed and probably the least exciting range in regards to poses.

In conclusion, I feel that they all fit well together, especially the Gripping Beast and West Wind.  My Early Saxon units will be a combination of GB, WW and MM, which will be added to by RM when I make up a Later Saxon army.

Oh, I also have some Crusader Miniatures Varangian Guard, which I will be using as Huscarls in a later army.  Both the RM and CM are bulky, but en mass it’s not going to make too much difference.

Hope that helps Beccas!


Army Painter

August 9, 2009 4 comments

Usually, the challenge for wargamers is getting painted miniatures onto the tabletop and recently a very good product was released, which will definitely solve that problem.  Army Painter, is a product released by Warlord  Games, which enables you to paint the basic colours onto a miniature and then,  using Army Painter, you can add tone and depth to your painting in a fast and simple method.

I was a skeptic at first and also a purist, but not wanting to be precious or having any pre-conceived notions about how anyone puts an army on the tabletop, I was willing to take a look.  Guido did a few tests on his Pict Army, which I thought gave very good results.  I gave it a go on my Normans (see previous post), with mixed results.

The beauty of Army Painter and where it really comes into it’s own, is in the painting of Barbarian Armies.  Usually the number of miniatures required to be painted, is daunting to say the least, but if used strategically, I believe Army Painter will give a good result and allow the gamer, who doesn’t want to be a competition painter, to get his/her army onto the tabletop a lot faster, so that they can spend more time enjoy playing!  So for those people with families, small children or demanding spouses, it is a ‘Godsend’.

I am going to try to experiment with some techniques and see what results I get, on a Unit of late Saxons, which I intend to use as Duguth in my later Saxon Army.

Here are my first four, miniatures are Renegade.  NB:  they all haven’t had weapons attached and are obviously not based.

Renegade Miniatures, Saxons painted using Army Painter

Renegade Miniatures, Saxons painted using Army Painter

Let me know what you think and what are your views on Army Painter?