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Another long flight

October 2, 2009 3 comments

I am leaving the UK tomorrow evening and heading back to sunny Western Australia, after lovely months holiday.  Although we leave tomorrow, we actually get home in the early hours of Sunday morning!  What makes it even worse is that I have to be back at work on Monday morning…(Who planned that?).

Anyway, I have pockets full of little men, a couple excellent books and a huge amount of clothes for my 7 month old daughter, courtesy of her mother’s shopping habits.   I’m happy that I reached the Maldon battlefield, Bovington Tank Museum, Bodiam castle and Oystermouth Castle.  Next time, with a little better planning and research I will get to more places of military historical note and make sure that I am in the UK to attend some Wargames events and hopefully meet a number of you great people, who read my blog.

I really want to get back to some painting and gaming when I get home, but there are photos to upload, articles to write and movies to make.  Rest assured, I will make time to paint and you will see the results very soon.

By-the-way Guido, I did manage to make a purchase for you, but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is.

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Wargames stores, South East England – excluding GW

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I visited Brighton yesterday.  It is a lovely city on the coast and we always enjoy going there when we visit the UK.  The weather really turned it on for us, it was quite sunny and warm in the morning and the afternoon was perfect.

As part of my quest to check out the wargames stores in the region, I visited Wargames Heaven, which is in the Imperial Arcade, Brighton.  It is a very large store, which features mainly SF and Fantasy games and miniatures.  There was a section with Flames of War, Wargames Foundry and Warlord Games products, but the selection was limited.  The guys there seemed really friendly and I’m sure if I was staying in the area, I might become a regular and encourage them to increase their historical section.

Unfortunately, the Gamers Guild in Redhill is no longer there.  Redhill has suffered a little bit from the Global Financial Crisis and there are quite a few empty shops in the main shopping area.  When I first visited the store in 2007, it was just starting up and the store wasn’t anything to write home about back then, so I guess that’s what other people thought as well.

I think that perhaps these stores try to be something to every-gamer, instead of really concerntrating on one genre, whether it be SF and Fantasy, or historical, but I also guess that with the ease of online purchasing, it has made business even more difficult for them to survive.  I know I purchase most of my miniatures directly from the makers.

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Pockets full of ‘little men’.

September 4, 2009 1 comment

I am flying out to the UK tonight so blog posts will be a little intermittent, depending on how busy it gets.  As I mentioned, I will be going to the Wargames Foundry, Autumn open day on September 25.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to Colours at Newbury, which is damn disappointing!

However, hopefully I will get to a few historical sights and get a few photos to post on my return.  I know I will be visiting as many wargames shops as I can find and should return with pockets full of ‘little men’.

Works in progress

July 26, 2009 4 comments

Here are the first few Saxons of my Early Saxon army.  I have planned out a thousand point Sea Raiders force, which I am aiming to build up, in due time.  The bigger goal is to eventually have a larger force, but that will take a lot longer.

Anyway, obviously these figures don’t have spears or bucklers and are not based.  I’m trying Guido’s method of painting all the miniatures first before basing, which is quite frustrating because you don’t see the Unit grow on the tabletop, you just accumulate painted miniatures in a draw until you have enough for a Unit.

Hope you like them.  Please leave a comment.

First five Saxons

First five Saxons


December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

World War 2 has held a fascination with me ever since I was a little boy playing with Airfix 1/32nd scale plastics in the backyard of our home. I wish I could go back to that backyard because I’m sure there would by lots of little soldiers still keeping a vigil from prepared positions that I never found again. I think World War 2 was the last war with clearly defined ‘Good guys’ and ‘Bad guys’. It could also be the influence of the never ceasing Hollywood matinee movies featuring John Wayne, Audie Murphy and Richard Burton.

I still remember sitting and staring wide-eyed and gob smacked the first time I saw The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far and The Battle of the Bulge. Classics that I highly recommend you put down this book and quickly sod off down to your local Tescos and grab a copy of. What boy would want to dream of being at Pegasus Bridge, Carentan or Bastogne.

So it seems that I was destined to venture into the wonderful world of tabletop wargames. Now a veteran of many gaming rules systems in almost every historical period known to man and then some, having painted hundreds of miniatures (15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm etc…) and dreamt about sculpting some, I’ve taken the easier option (For me at least) and decided to turn my hand to a rules system. So, endeavouring not to jump before I can crawl, I turned my thoughts to reinvigorating an old set of rules instead of starting from scratch.

I found a set of rules on the old Icon Miniatures website called Landser quite a while ago now, they were fast squad level skirmish rules that I really enjoyed. The thing I liked about them the most was the rules for ‘observation’, this took some of the ‘God view’ out of the game which is something I really enjoyed. To my dismay I discovered that there was only a limited army list available and only one version with no updates.

Having enjoyed playing the game and with the desire to design and release a rules set myself, I began the hunt for the originator of the system. Many thanks must go to Olaf from Mainly 28’s who helped me put all the pieces together and I finally made the connection that Nick Eyre the writer of the rules, is the Nick Eyre of North Star Miniatures.

Nick agreed to let me develop up the rules because he wasn’t doing anything with them at the time. So with the help of my gaming buddies and assistance from Nick and Olaf, I’ve started the journey that will hopefully end in a revamped rules release sometime in the New Year.